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Why You Absolutely Need A Pair Of Bemi Bottoms

...well, maybe you don’t - that’s a possibility. But! Ask yourself this - Do I do rope climbs? What about deadlifts and box jumps - have I ever scraped my shins? Do I do lunges frequently? Ooh, how about barbell cycling? Do I perform a lot of hang power cleans and bounce the bar off my thighs?

Those are a lot of questions, but they’re important! If you answered yes to a majority of them, I’d wager that you could greatly benefit from owning a pair of Bemi bottoms. You absolutely need a pair!

But It’s Too Much! All Those Pads!

Here’s the beauty of the Bemi bottoms - all the pads are removable. The leggings are completely customizable to fit what you need when you need it.

Here are several ways to wear them:

Women’s crossfit apparel for hang power cleans
Bemi Bottoms worn with only thigh pads

Women’s crossfit and weightlifting apparel for deadlifts, rope climbs, etc
Bemi Bottoms worn with shin and hip pads

Women’s activewear for lunges
Bemi Bottoms worn with only knee pads

Hopefully you can see the versatility and the benefit the Bemi’s can bring you. If you're curious and would like to know a bit more, click here to learn about our materials.

If you can't wait to get your hands on a pair, SHOP THE BEMI now!

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