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Our Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

As OMECHA has launched, I've noticed there are a few recurring questions, and I've decided to address them en masse! So keep reading and hopefully a question you have will get answered.

1. Why are the items so expensive?

We feel that luxury brands that sell t-shirts, joggers, and shoes for $100+ should be labeled expensive because they are companies using cheaper foreign labor and then spiking prices to increase profit margins for essentially normal t-shirts, joggers, and shoes. Their clothing tends to be priced so high for the social status associated, and that's not what's happening at OMECHA.

Firstly, our items are made in the US, so higher labor costs are main a factor. Yes, we could look overseas but the value of knowing workers are treated/paid well, as well as providing opportunities here, is very high for us. Next, the Tosan and Bemi are made with quality fabrics as well as shock-absorbing foam inserts. We don't see them as "just a sports bra and leggings". We see them as tools - actual equipment that will help you on your fitness journey. They have a function and a purpose. Just like baseball catchers and hockey goalies have special equipment, we believe weightlifters should have special equipment too. All that being said, we believe the Tosan and Bemi are fairly priced given how they're made and what they do.

*Note - keep in mind that there's a rebate opportunity available. Read more about it here.*

2. What about a men's line?

A men's line would be awesome! The original idea for OMECHA was to provide all athletes with clothing to protect them and help them on their journeys - and that's still a goal! A small line of women's fitness clothes was created first as many more women expressed a need and strong desire for protective wear. Men - if you could see a use for a protective shirt and/or pants, let us know! The more desire expressed, the more it's likely to happen!

3. Will there be regular workout clothes or merch?

Yes! When? That's a great question. We want to continue to provide quality women's fitness apparel that serves a purpose and has a function, but they don't necessarily have to be padded. Currently, we're assessing costs for the consumer and what can be provided under certain constraints. This will take a bit of time to get designed, perfected, and produced, but it's definitely part of our plan. As for merch - that wasn't part of our original plan but we're now looking to provide it. If you have something you'd like to see, share it with us!

If you've found yourself asking any or all of these questions, I hope I've answered them well enough. If not and/or if you have other questions, be sure to reach out. Feel free to comment here or send an email. We'd love to hear from you!

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