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"Congrats on OMECHA! What is it?"

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Hey guys! I'm Christiana aka fit_tiana - your friendly fitness fanatic (the good kind, of course). People have been asking me what EXACTLY it is that I'm doing, so I’ve decided to give you all a quick rundown that will provide more insight. This is literally my first blog post EVER... so bear with me and don’t judge!

OMECHA – Say what now?

This image displays a segment from an Urhobo Dictionary

O-Meh-cha.. O-Mee-cha.. whatever you plan on saying is fine (just as long as you plan on saying it. You feel me!?) What on earth is it? OMECHA is a brand that will be ever-evolving and growing. Right now, it’s a women’s padded activewear brand featuring women's crossfit and weightlifting apparel. Yes, real pads placed with purpose to help ease some pains encountered while working out whether it be functional fitness styles or even body building. Pads cover the knees, the shins, your collarbone, and more! I have visions to expand the line to menswear and to release padding-free activewear and athleisure too. [Fingers crossed]

Fun Fact: I wanted a brand name that meant something like protect(ion). I googled Greek words, Italian, French, even Japanese. Then I thought, “wait… I’m Nigerian. Why would I brand after another culture?!” …so I googled, luckily found an Urhobo dictionary, found a gem and here. we. are! Thank you, Papa.

OMECHA – But why though?

Many of you know that fitness and exercise is all fun and games until something starts to hurt. Not the “Oooh, that’s the good burn” hurt, but the “Ow ..okay, wait.. that kind of hurts” hurt. In the case of the latter, I found many people complained the barbell hurts their hands or the back of their neck during squats or their shoulders and collarbones during front squats. I decided to tackle those last 2 problems head on. I wanted people to be able to work out and not worry about the little things that would deter them. If barbells hurt your hands, sorry about that. They are probably just gonna hurt until I can figure out that solution lol.

OMECHA – Okay, so how?

Great bleeping question - thanks, CORONA. Honestly, this is unanswered at the moment. My initial plan was to get an order made by June 2020 and get my life together, but due to ‘rona, the manufacturer had to cease making any and everything in order to make PPE. I was going to take this brainchild of mine to an Expo here in Nashville ...but that was 2 months ago and was cancelled anyway. So, yeah! I don’t know exactly when I’ll officially have items ready to sell BUT! I do have an order in production right neeooow… and that, we can and will celebrate!

So! What do you think? Do you have any questions? Do you have any suggestions for me? Leave a comment below!

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