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5 Reasons To Try OMECHA's Women’s Apparel

With hundreds of apparel brands out there, how do you choose which to try? Is it based on style? Function? Socially aware and ethically responsible/sustainable? Maybe brand recognition and social status? Well, here are some reasons to give us a try.

1. Love For Exercise, Not For Pain and Bruising

You love lifting weights. You love the hard work and the effort and the feeling you get by slinging barbells around. BUT you don't love the bruises, cuts, and/or bleeding that comes from it. No matter what you do, there are certain exercises that still cause you pain, even if they’re done correctly.

For example: deadlifts (scraped shins), front squats (painful collarbone/shoulders), back squats (neck bone pain), lunges (banged knees), power cleans (painful collarbone), rope climbs (bruised/scraped shins), dumbbell clean and jerks (bruised/scraped shoulders), etc. Our padding will reduce those pains and bruises by putting a layer of cushion between you and the barbell.

2. More Sanitary Than Conventional Options

Imagine you’re at the gym and want to do barbell hip thrusts to work on your glutes or you want to do back squats but the barbell tends to hurt your neck... what do you do? You look around for the bar pad that’s usually laying around. It’s usually a little dirty and maybe there’s a hair on it… but you need to do your hip thrusts so you ignore it. We’ve all been there. You use the icky barbell pad and you wish you didn't have to.

We provide a more sanitary option. Our Tosan top has the padding to help during back (and front) squats and our Bemi bottoms have padding on the hip bones to help with barbell hip thrusts. No need to use that icky, community pad anymore… especially during Covid-19 when none of us like sharing things with strangers.

3. More Value For Your Dollar

We’ve all bought great clothes that work well and look great from big brands. There’s no need to name them. We’re not talking about Mike or Mumumelon or Air Gordan or anything like that [wink]. Our clothes at OMECHA look great, are comfortable, functional, and durable. The price you pay comes with utility and function. The pants alone can be worn in at least 6 different ways! We feel that if you purchase weightlifting or crossfit apparel from us, it shouldn't just look nice... so we packed in functionality.

4. Cut And Sewn In The US

You support American-made and ethically-made products. Yes, products made in the US are more expensive because the labor is more expensive, but supporting American-made products means you know the working conditions are safe and the wages are fair. Our clothes are made in Minnesota by skilled workers who are cared for by their employer and are paid fair wages.

5. Guaranteed To Stand Out

Our apparel will look so amazing on you that you're bound to turn a few heads. Our designs are unique and definitely haven’t been seen before. You’ll be one of a kind at any gym you walk into, and you’ll be able to workout comfortably and confidently... and less bruised!



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