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3 Simple Ways To Wear OMECHA

At OMECHA, we've worked hard to provide highly functional women's CrossFit and weightlifting apparel. The *second* best part about wearing items from OMECHA (second only to the amazing protection provided, of course) is that there’s no singular way to wear them. And in this post, I’ll show you a few of my favorite ways.

Cute Top Paired with The Bemi

This look is for when the majority of the scrape/cut/bruise risk is lower body. Maybe you’re working rope climbs drills and your shins always get a nasty bruise or you’re doing sets of deadlifts and don’t want to risk any cuts from the bar being kept close due to your perfect technique – this look would be perfect for you. Those who get thigh bruises from cycling hang power cleans could benefit from this too, even more so if paired with the Tosan. *Don’t forget that the padding in The Bemi is all removable and customizable to your daily needs.*

The Tosan and Your Favorite Legging

This is great for a back squat or front squat training day. It’ll also come in handy for any shoulder to overhead movements (split jerk, power jerk, etc.) as all the impact falls on your shoulders, slight pun intended, and none on your legs. You have the option to wear the top on its own or under/over a shirt - whichever makes you most comfortable. Grab your Tosan top and your favorite legging and you’re good to go.

Quick On, Quick Off

Having a top with its zipper in the front screams ease of use. In this case, let's say you’re in for a long workout and your riskiest, bruise-inducing movements are for only 10 minutes of the workout. You have the option to slip The Tosan on and slip it off or start with it unzipped and zip it up when you need it. This also works if you have a 2-part workout or CrossFit WOD featuring a strength portion and a metabolic conditioning portion. It’s possible that you’d need the protection for the strength piece but not for the METCON. So put on your flashiest fit, toss your Tosan in your gym bag and only put it on when you need it – easy.

Are you thinking about the various ways you could wear The Bemi and/or The Tosan yet? I hope so! These are just 3 simple ways of styling but there are tons more. Hopefully you feel empowered to show your own style and flare while in our functional fitness wear. I didn't mean to rhyme that, but I'm really glad that I did.

Check out the Bemi and Tosan, HERE.

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