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OMECHA began in 2016 to fill a void in the fitness and activewear market. Our founder, Christiana U., had recently started weightlifting and functional fitness training on a New Year's resolution kick and fell in love with the sport. She realized quickly that it was basically a contact sport but with a barbell. A number of banged-up collarbones and bruised shins jump-started the desire to create tough, protective wear for anyone who wanted to lift heavy often and move effectively without being slowed down by painful bruises and scrapes. Since then, OMECHA has created a women's line of padded apparel to protect many types of athletes.

OMECHA is a small business located in Nashville, TN that provides made-in-the-USA, patent-pending protective apparel. We've constructed women's activewear with shock-absorbing foam to shield against battle scars and wounds - scraped shins, banged-up clavicles, sore hip bones, etc.


We want our customers to feel empowered to attack any workout uninhibitedly, fearlessly, and successfully. We're not fans of bruised and/or painful body parts. Pain - major or minor - can impede daily progress.


We encourage you to choose progress. Choose OMECHA.

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